Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time line......

Here is our time line in TTC:
  • Nov 2009 J TTC at home ICI was a BFN
  • Jan 2010 J TTC again and it was a BFN
  • J took a break because we got married on June 12, 2010 (it was amazing!)
  • July J decided to go to see a fertility specialist since she is 41yrs old. She was then told that she did not have an adequate amount of eggs left to get pregnant. 
  • We decided that it was K's turn to try to get pregnant since she is 33yrs old and had more of a chance
  • Nov K went to the fertility clinic, all her test were great went for out first IUI. It was a BFN
  • Dec IUI and ICI at home BFN
  • Jan IUI BFN
  • Feb IUI and BFP!!!!!!!
When I was told that my eggs had basically dried up I was angry, hurt, confused and depressed.  There was this realization that I could either crawl back into bed and continue being depressed or be thankful of all the wonderful things I have in my life right now.  My wife, my house, my job , my family and my friends.

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